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'Here Is Where The Action Happens': Meet The People Of Houston

Houston was the 24th stop on our Listen To America road trip.

Houston was the 24th stop on our Listen To America road trip. We spoke to residents and passers-by to find out what they love (and don’t!) about the city. Here’s what they had to say: 

“This is a volunteer organization called Second Servings of Houston. ... The whole mission is: ‘fighting hunger, ending waste.’ That’s the mission of the organization. It’s just such an impressive thing.”

― Annette Liftman, 56, attorney

“I would say Houston is a lot more laid-back [than Dallas]. Definitely more open to diversity as a city.”

― Amanda Locke, 27, HR manager

“I love the diversity in the city and I love how, kind of, hidden some of that is. ... I love loving a thing that so many people love to hate on. I love that it’s actually a cool place.”

― Emily Zinsitz, 27, content strategist

“Here is where the action happens. ... It’s nice, a different vibe.”

― Eugene Drake, 30, photographer

“I picked to stay in Houston because I love the diversity. The people are great. You kind of get a little bit of everything.”

― Meagan Hanson, 26, cybersecurity communications

“I’m here for the World Series. Hopefully to see the Houston Astros win their first championship. ... I’m from South Bend, Indiana. A lot of people don’t know where South Bend is.”

― Richard Dixon, 24, outreach coordinator

“I love Houston. I love our electoral leadership. I love our various communities and the multifaceted livelihood of it.”

― Feldon Bonner II, 49, executive director of Powerhouse Ministry/board of directors at Texas Organizing Project


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