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There apparently won’t be a quick landing spot for Antonio Brown, this time

Mike Florio

The demand for Antonio Brown isn’t what it was two weeks ago.

With a civil lawsuit and an NFL investigation clouding his short-term and long-term availability, no one is clamoring to become Brown’s fourth employer of the 2019 calendar year.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN on Saturday night that he has spoken with “a few teams that are interested” in Brown. However, those teams “want information regarding his legal situation and the NFL investigation.”

Because the league won’t put Brown on paid leave unless and until he’s on a team, any team that signs Brown runs the risk of paying him to not play. As explained on Saturday, that wouldn’t cost much on a per-week basis (if he gets a minimum-salary deal), and it would secure dibs on Brown once his legal and league entanglements have been resolved.

With no criminal charges pending or expected against Brown, someone may eventually decide to roll the dice. Again, all it takes is one team to take the chance; the better the player, the more likely that someone will yield to the temptation that comes from supreme talent.