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AppGuard Wins Homeland Security Award for Best Anti-Malware Solution and Server Security Solution

Judged in two competitive categories, AppGuard was selected based on filling stringent government security needs and meeting critical future expectations.

NEW YORK, July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AppGuard, Inc., the pioneers of zero trust cybersecurity software for endpoints, servers and mobile platforms, announced today that it has won the Government Security News 2018 Homeland Security Award for best anti-malware solution and best server security solution. AppGuard is reinventing cybersecurity with its patented isolation and inheritance technology, protecting endpoints, servers and mobile platforms.

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Each year, the prestigious GSN awards announce the most outstanding technologies and innovations of homeland security solutions providers and the most notable programs, projects and initiatives of government agencies at federal, state, county and municipal levels.

AppGuard's prevention approach makes it stand out against other detection solutions in the marketplace. GSN vetted numerous products based on a combination of client organization, filling a recognized government IT security need, product innovation or improvement and flexibility of the solution to meet current and future organization needs.

"It's an honor to continue to be recognized by the GSN as the best in our field. It's critical that the industry realizes traditional anti-virus and detect and response solutions are no longer effective.  AppGuard's unique preventative technology ensures vital systems are completely protected," said Jon Loew, AppGuard CEO.

AppGuard is the only solution on the market that is currently undefeated. Protecting the operating system with kernel-level policy enforcement, AppGuard protects against attacks by automatically isolating system processes from dynamic code injection. AppGuard is lightweight, allowing normal applications or utilities to continue operating as usual, while simultaneously blocking known and unknown malicious actions. The solution doesn't require attack detection, cumbersome scanning or disruptive updates.

AppGuard's expanding clientele includes government agencies, healthcare, financial institutions, travel, global transportation and many other industries to efficiently and cost-effectively address the rapid escalation of malicious cybersecurity threats, often undetectable by traditional solutions.

About AppGuard, Inc.
AppGuard provides award-winning server, endpoint and mobile cybersecurity protection for enterprises as well as small- and medium-sized businesses. AppGuard's patented inheritance technology maintains the same level of guarding and isolation on any process spawned from a risky application. The technology does not rely on detection and response, and instead prevents all attacks. For more information, visit: www.appguard.us or contact sales@appguard.us.

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