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Apple’s Cash Horde, Ever Growing, Equal to 30% of Market Cap

YCharts Staff

Margins on iPads and iPhones may be narrowing, and growth slowing, but Apple (AAPL) is an increasingly flush company, with $137 billion of cash, short- and long-term investments on its balance sheet as of December 29, roughly 30% of its market cap.

AAPL Chart

Apple generated cash from operations of $26.4 billion in the quarter, up from $17.6 billion a year earlier, and it distributed just $2.5 billion on dividends and $1.95 billion buying back stock. With the stock's plunge, the dividend yield has popped up above 2%.

The PE ratio, at about 11, with all that cash, is incredibly bearish, and puts Apple in the company of General Motors (GM), utility PPL Corp. (PPL) and Occidental Petroleum (OXY), as seen in a YChart Stock Screener.

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