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Apple CEO says next iOS update will let users disable performance throttling

Apple iOS 11

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the next update to the firm's iOS 11 operating system will let users disable battery-related performance throttling in compatible iPhone handsets. The update is expected to roll out to users in spring 2018 and comes in response to the recent scandal surrounding Apple intentionally slowing down iPhones due to battery wear.

The update will give users the option of leaving the iPhone processor working at full speed, no matter what state the handset's battery is in, even if this causes a significant drain on battery life. Apple, for its part, does not recommend turning off performance throttling. The system will also be able to alert users when it becomes preferable to reduce processor performance slightly to prevent the battery draining power too quickly. Finally, the system will provide stats on battery health over time, letting users know if it needs to be replaced soon.

As usual, the update will first be made available to developers and volunteer testers in February, before rolling out publicly in spring to users of smartphones and/or tablets that are compatible with iOS 11.

The news comes as Apple is still in the firing line after it was revealed that the American manufacturer was purposely throttling processor speed as its smartphone batteries degrade, in order to limit the impact on battery life. As well as being accused of planned obsolescence, Apple is facing several class action lawsuits for intentionally slowing down handsets.

Users can also make an appointment at their local Apple Store to have their handset battery replaced (for a fee).