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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak: 'I do not believe in auto driving cars' — it's not possible yet

"Assistive driving" to help cars spot red lights, stop signs, and avoid accidents is "the way to go," Wozniak says.

Technologist Steve Wozniak told CNBC on Tuesday he had once hoped that Apple (AAPL) would build the first self-driving car.

But the Apple co-founder said, "I do not believe in auto driving cars" at this point. "I don't really believe it's quite possible yet" that cars will be able to drive themselves without a steering wheel, he added.

Wozniak said on "Fast Money Halftime Report" that roads are not prepared for autonomous vehicles because they are built by imperfect humans who are "not as good as nature and mathematics and even evolution."

However, Wozniak does support of advancements in "assistive driving" technology that can allow cars to "spot red lights, and stop signs and avoid some of the accidents today."

But he warned that people should "not to lose sight of the fact you're not going to get a car that drives itself."

Wozniak — who owns a Tesla (TSLA) and said he enjoys driving it — warned that the so-called Autopilot feature does not actually self-drive the car.

"Tesla makes so many mistakes," he said, but didn't elaborate. "It really convinces me that auto piloting and auto steering car driving itself is not going to happen."

Wozniak said he kept upgrading his Tesla and then "gave up" on the idea of autonomous driving. "I said, 'It's really not going to happen,'" he recalled.

Tesla was not immediately available to respond to CNBC's request for comment on Wozniak's interview.