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Apple Cuts Prices on iPod Touch

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech
iPod Touch colors

On Thursday morning, Apple announced price cuts to its line of iPod Touch devices, as well as an upgrade to its cheapest model.

The least expensive iPod Touch, which comes with 16 GB of storage, will now cost $199, and Apple has added a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera and new color options, too. Previously, the 16 GB model cost $229, did not feature a camera, and was available only in silver. That’s a price drop of $30 and your choice of a new hue (pink, yellow, blue, silver, and space gray).

The price of the 32 GB iPod Touch dropped from $299 to $249, while the price of the 64 GB iPod Touch dropped from $399 to $299.

The 5-megapixel camera on the iPod Touch is a bit weaker than the one you’d get on an iPhone 5s, and the A5 processor is a bit slower, too.

Apple’s once-enormous iPod line has seen sales plummet as more buyers access their music libraries on smartphones. The iPod Touch features a touchscreen, WiFi access to the Internet, and Apple’s App Store, and, of course, a music player. 

The new iPod Touch is available immediately in the United States and will go on sale worldwide “in the coming days,” per an Apple press release. 

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