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If Apple Is Hurrying Its Next iPhone, Battery Life Remains the Biggest Risk

Jon C. Ogg

If you have an iPhone5 and upgraded from a prior iPhone4 or iPhone4s, chances are high that you have had some frustrations over how fast the battery drains. Apple Inc. (AAPL) wants to keep so many programs running, unnecessarily at best, so that it knows what you are doing and where you are at all times. The problem is that the battery life is becoming a serious issue.

Now reports were out from Allthingsd.com that Apple will launch its latest iPhone at an event on September 10, cited as according to sources who will remain anonymous. The current expectation is for processor and camera enhancements, and we are not sure whether fingerprint technology will be a part of the new iPhone. There is a continued focus on a lower cost iPhone as well.

What remains a question as well is whether this will be the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 6. Whatever the name is, Apple really needs to be mindful of its battery life. Apple can say that the iPhone battery needs to be fully drained and fully charged all it wants, but the problem of the iPhone 5 battery is far more serious than we have seen with other smartphones from competitors.

There are of course other features that the public will want, such as a Siri, that are perhaps a little more intuitive and can handle searching the Web better. Other feature "wants" from the public will depend on what they use their phones for and how frequently they use their phones rather than a tablet or a computer. Regardless of the want list, Apple's battery issue comes first as you have the ability to have long continuous use without the phone's power dying sooner than you have been used to.

If Apple really wants to focus on a lower cost iPhone to expand its base, maybe it could consider giving the shorter battery life devices to those customers rather than customers who want to buy new iPhones.