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Apple’s iPhone EXPECTED to Break Records and 4 Hot Stocks Not to Miss

Leah Powell

Bank of America Corporation (BAC) along with JPMorgan Chase (JPM) are assisting clients in finding an extra $2.6 trillion to back derivatives trades amid indications that a shortage of quality collateral could erode efforts to safeguard the financial system, according to Bloomberg. Shares of Bank of America Corporation are trading 3.90% higher today.

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Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc. (ARE) has declared a new dividend of $0.53 which is updated from $0.51. The dividend record date has been set for Friday, September 28, 2012 with a pay date that will be announced on Monday, October 15, 2012 and the ex-date is Wednesday, September 26, 2012. ARE’s current dividend yield totals nearly 2.6 percent with AREpriced at 74.51 and they have paid 5 dividends during the past year. Shares of Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc. are trading 0.05% higher today.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TM) intends to struggle to regain its former dominance as it wrestles with improved competition worldwide. Beneath Chief Executive Officer Akio Toyoda, the company’s profits are increasing, and it’s on pace to regain the global sales lead during the year, and its $140 billion stock-market value totals more than the next two biggest, Volkswagen and Honda, combined. Still its shares aren’t as highly valued as they were before the crises and the resurgence of once-feeble U.S. rivals. Shares of Toyota Motor Corporation are trading 0.48% lower today.

GMAC LLC (GOM): As GM Financial raises subprime lending in the United States, GMAC-SAIC, the automaker’s financial lending operation in China, has been earning customers by the boatload. GMAC-SAIC, which is a joint venture between Ally Financial Inc., Shanghai Automotive Group Finance Co., Ltd., and Shanghai General Motors Co. Ltd. (SGM), announced last week that it has exceeded 880,000 customers following the celebration of its eighth anniversary. Shares of GMAC LLC are trading 0.37% lower today.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) new iPhone will probably break previous sales records. Also, it could prove to be the moment to drop the shares,  according to the Wall Street Journal. Shares of Apple Inc. are trading 0.14% lower today.

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