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Apple Just Showed Off Its New, Diverse Emoji for the First Time

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

Diversity, emojified. (iclarified.com)

Smiley face.

It looks like Apple is going to make good on its promise to bring ethnically diverse emojis to its devices. Screenshots of the still-developing iOS 8.3 and OS X 10.10.3 operating systems were obtained by The Next Web on Monday and show that, in the upcoming software, all emoji faces and hands will come in six different skin complexions. This even seems to include a suite of yellow-skinned humans, which we can only assume are meant to portray characters from the world of Matt Groening.

Diverse families and single faces. (macrumors.com)

Apparently, you’ll be able to press down on any emoji that depicts a human, and a menu will pop up, letting you change his or her skin tone. 

We reached out to Apple, but they have yet to give us a yea or nay on whether the diverse emojis pictured, or any at all, will end up in the next official software releases for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Reports say the company will open up its iOS beta program to the public for the first time this March, so curious parties can look into that for a chance at possibly getting the emojis early.

Dreaming of a non-White Christmas? On the next iOS 8.3, that dream may come true! (TheNextWeb)

The developer version of iOS 8.3 that was released Monday also includes a more diverse Siri, who can now speak a number of new languages, including Danish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian.

Good… or gut, bueno, 良好, dobrý, etc.