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Apple Music arrives, Obama's new overtime rules, Greek debt crowdsourcing

The major stock indices (^DJI, ^GSPC, ^IXIC) are bouncing after yesterday's big slide, but not by very much. Investors are still watching from across the Atlantic as Greece tries to find a way to stay afloat ahead of Sunday's referendum.

Here are some of the other stories Yahoo Finance is keeping an eye on today.

Apple Music launches
The big news for techies and music fans alike today is the release of Apple Music (AAPL). The service allows users to stream millions of songs, create playlists and includes an internet radio station called Beats 1. Much of the functionality is similar to streaming leader Spotify.

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President Obama announces new overtime rules
President Obama is announcing the details of a new overtime rule, which would expand the number of people who are eligible for additional pay after working more than 40 hours in a given week. The rule will increase the salary level under which workers qualify for overtime pay from around $23,000 to $50,000.

New data on income gap
Incomes for the bottom 99 percent of American households rose 3.3 percent last year, the largest increase in 15 years. Even so, income inequality worsened in 2014, as the incomes of the top one percent soared an average of 10.8 percent, according to data released by the Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

Crowdfunding Greece's bailout
Wouldn't it be nice if we could put an end to the Greek debt crisis? Well, that's exactly what one Londoner is trying to do through a crowdfunding campaign. The fund, launched two days ago on indigo-go, has already brought in over 150-thousand euros to bail out Greece.

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