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Apple Reassures Investors, Gets Hit With Privacy Scandal

Say Contributor

Ahead of its third fiscal quarter, Apple has been seeking to reassure investors that it has everything under control, but now it might have a privacy scandal to deal with. Earn It After an initially rough year, Apple is growing again, and was up by 1% versus this time last year, with overall revenue sitting at $53.8 billion. Phone Home Apple is going out of its way to make sure investors know that Apple knows it has a bit of an iPhone problem. Sales for the iPhone have dropped off in recent years, as more and more consumers are content to hold onto their old phones rather than upgrade every time Apple drops a new model. To try to combat this cooling off, Apple began trade-in programs and offering financing for new iPhones. These efforts, analysts say, helped reduce the decline in iPhone sales to 11% from a 16% drop. Apple also plans to introduce three new iPhones this year, one with a triple-rear camera and two with double-rear cameras, though at more than a $1,000 each analysts aren’t sure they’ll be hot sellers. Apple also remains bullish about its upcoming streaming television service. Private Parts Apple likes to boast about its reputation for privacy, especially as compared to Google or Facebook. In January, it bought a billboard at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, declaring that “what happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone”. But now news has broken that, just like with Google Assistants, Apple has contractors listen to recordings captured by Siri. The contractors transcribe a small portion of Siri’s recordings to fine tune the device, but reportedly these recordings often feature sensetive information or couples having sex, because Siri was accidentally activated. -Michael Tedder Photo: REUTERS/SHANNON STAPLETON