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Live updates from Apple's 2018 iPhone and Apple Watch launch event

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    "Apple to reveal new iPhones and Apple Watch," gee, has it been three weeks already!
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    Remember when you could renew your phone contract and get a phone for like 200 bucks? Now you just pay 1000-1200 for the phone and they don't care if you stay or leave
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    Chris G.
    New firmware updates coming to all iPhones to slow them down so you buy the new phone...
  • J
    I like Apple but I’m perfectly happy with my Boost Mobile iPhone 6 32GB that I bought a week ago brand new for $165. I will never pay $1,200 for a cell phone.
  • G
    Instead of buying an iPhone for $1200 today, buy an S&P Index mutual fund like SWPPX. In 20 years it will be worth $12,000.

    Add just $35 per week for 30 years and you could retire as a millionaire.

    You must learn to repress your instant gratification urges and plan for the long term rewards.
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    so what are the new features? are they getting rid of the volume buttons and the lighting port? or even the power button? and if we want those we have to buy a separate adapter??
  • M
    Have flip phone that has the same main feature. Make a phone call.
  • Q
    Let me guess.....same as the last products?
  • 3
    I had an apple for lunch........ no I really did.
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    Scott C
    I predict the new iPhones will be flat rectangles.