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Apple's stock price signals 'a big move is coming'

Apple Inc. (AAPL) will debut the long-awaited iPhone 6 next month, which reportedly will feature a 5.5-inch screen that is made of sapphire, a more durable material than glass or plastic. The new iPhone is likely to be a big hit with smartphone users, which could help the tech giant steal marketshare away from Android-based phones.

Data released this week by IDC showed that Apple's share of the worldwide smartphone market fell to 11.7% last quarter versus 24.9% for Samsung, 6.7% for Huawei, 5.2% for Lenovo and 4.8% for LG. Overall, seven Android phones are sold for every iPhone. It is worth noting that the second quarter tends to be Apple's slowest and many consumers have been holding off on purchasing a new phone in anticipation of the iPhone 6.

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StockTwits Chairman Howard Lindzon, who is long Apple stock, dismissed the IDC report, arguing that what matters is that the company's "products are great, the stores are great, and new products are coming."

Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Aaron Task says one advantage for the Android camp is pricing. Lindzon agrees. "Pricewise, yes, Android has made huge inroads," he says. "Kudos - it's great for the industry."

Task asks whether Apple can maintain its current levels of premium branding and premium pricing, even as Android prices come down.

"There's two things that matter: my glass shouldn't break... [and] my phone should last longer. Whoever solves those is going to get the next level of trust." But, says Lindzon, the sapphire phone will cost more.

He tells Yahoo Finance that Apple's current stock price reflects "a big move" that is about to happen, which Lindzon believes is to the upside. He predicts Apple could become the first $1 trillion company, barring any major market crash.

One possible catalyst for that big move to the upside, in Lindzon's view, is a new product that makes a splash, whether it's the iPhone 6 or "some new product around our cable box."

Another possible option is the iWatch. According to a report published in Forbes on Friday, some are speculating the iWatch could turn into a $9 billion market.

Apple shares are up more than 20% since the start of the year. Apple's market cap is $587 billion.

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