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Apple sites hit with widespread outage

Zach Epstein

Whatever you do, don't forgot your Apple ID password right now because if you're being impacted by widespread outages affecting Apple users around the world, you won't be able to recover or reset it.

Users on Apple's support forum, on social media and elsewhere have been complaining of widespread service outages or interruptions impacting the Apple ID website as well as Apple's iForgot site, which allows users to reset forgotten passwords. Oddly, users are reporting a wide range of different problems rather than just a straight outage. Apple has not yet acknowledged any issues with its services.

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BGR received a number of emails overnight complaining of various issues with two Apple websites: iforgot.apple.com and appleid.apple.com. 9toMac has confirmed problems with both sites, noting that some users are completely unable to access the pages while others can reach them but are having difficulty with certain functionality.

The password recovery feature on Apple's iForgot website is unusable for a number of Apple customers, and others are having trouble with certain functions such as authorizing new devices or updating payment information. As usual, Apple's status page shows no interruptions with any of the company's online sites or services.

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