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Apple surging towards all-time highs, Intel beats and this tech stock left for dead is surging back

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance

Time for your daily dose of trending tickers, the stocks that you're tracking as measured by Yahoo finance ticker searches. Making the list today:

FireEye (FEYE) - Shares are rising like a Phoenix, up more than 6% in early trading. The IT security firm was upgraded to Buy by Goldman Sachs this morning. FireEye investors are used to volatility. The stock was caught up in the Internet 2.0 mania of earlier this year, sending shares to just under $100 before the baby bubble burst. After dropping more than 70% in two months FireEye bottomed in the mid-20's back in May.

Intel (INTC) - The old tech giant surging more than sixpercent today after reporting solid Q2 earnings yesterday after the bell. The company beat analyst earnings estimates by two pennies and revenue by 140 million for the quarter. Intel's CFO Stacy Smith said his company's earnings are a sign the PC is back...just in new, more mobile form factors. If by "back" Smith means dying slower than before we can agree on PCs. Otherwise an emphasis on what's special and unique about Intel outside of PCs might be called for, especially since...

Apple (AAPL) - Tim Cook and company are headed towards a new all-time high and are rounding out this tech-tilted trending ticker segment after partnering with IBM to bring more Apple devices into the workplace. Apple struck a deal with IBM to create business themed apps and sell iphones and ipads to IBM's corporate clients. This is one of Apple's biggest steps into the enterprise market and if it proves successful could spell rough waters for the likes of Microsoft who have dominated the space for most of recorded history -- but that's a big IF. Not at all iffy is the sudden love affair between Mr. Cook and Wall Street. Apple shares are up 20% since January and within iSpitting distance of record highs at $100.

Those are your trending tickers today -- tell us what stocks you're watching on Twitter using the hashtag #TrendingTickers

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