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Apple to Sell $79 Dongle to Add Ports to New Laptop

Daniel Howley
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech

Apple’s new MacBook is its lightest and thinnest ever, but to get so slim, Cupertino had to drop some ports from its latest laptop –– namely, all of them. The result is a MacBook with just one connector that handles everything from USB, to power, to video.

The port is called a USB-C slot and it’s the newest version of the popular connection standard used for everything from smartphones to your mouse. Unlike previous USB ports, though, USB-C is completely reversible, so you’ll never have to fumble with plugging your connector in the right way again.

One problem, though, if you want to charge your MacBook and use an external monitor or sync your iPhone, you’ll have to buy a separate $79 adapter that gets you a single USB port and an HDMI or VGA slot. But hey, at least your new laptop will be thin.