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JP Mangalindan
Chief Tech Correspondent
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    I still don't know that I can justify the price, especially since my phone already does everything the watch does. But then that boyhood dream of a wrist communicator like in the spy movies comes up.
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    I'll pay my $50 copay to have my heart checked each year and use my $1000 phone to do everything else this watch can do.
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    You get an Apple Watch with this EKG feature. It tracks your health. You send in one of those ancestry DNA kits to find out your family background, but of course your genetic material is now in an easily accessible database. Apple and/or the ancestry site sells your information to pharmaceutical companies and/or insurance companies (life/health). The pre-existing condition clause of the ACA is eliminated. Imagine the possibilities.
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    matt f.
    I'm trying to get a real answer here, and not trying to bash Apple or those who purchase these items. But, what is exactly that the Apple Watch can do that makes it worth $500? The phone can do all of the things that the watch can do, minus the heartrate monitoring, and fitness tracking. But, you can get applications for free for this, or purchase other devices for far, far cheaper that fulfill those needs. Why drop $500 for this device?
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    LOL ... what they failed to mention is that you have to pay $99 a year for the EKG monitoring - "KardiaBand features are designed exclusively for use with Kardia Premium membership. Premium membership is required for KardiaBand. One month of Premium is included (new Kardia users only). Premium membership can be purchased in the app for $9.99/mo or $99/year."
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    I stopped wearing a watch because I always have my phone with me, which can tell me the time. So they want me to now buy a product whose purpose is to tell the time but also does all the same things that my phone does, including the function I used to use a watch for. How many different products do we need which all do exactly the same things? And more importantly, when will Apple introduce a product again that is truly innovative, instead of the same functionality on different sized screens?
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    Does anybody know what time it is?
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    The EKG feature costs and additional $99 PER YEAR.... They didn't really announce that bit of information too loudly. There will be a niche group who buys these things, but most of us are fine with our phones.
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    As a medical professional in cardiac electrophysiology this EKG does not replace competent medical care. True that it is far cheaper than other cardiac monitors/recorders but it simply does not have the ability to monitor EKG's using multiple vectors/leads. Being able to compare and contrast EKG's in multiple leads is necessary to accurately diagnose an arrhythmia.
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    Dubbed the apple watch because iWatch sounded so wrong.