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Apple Watch: Latest model could be made out of completely new materials, hidden code suggests

Andrew Griffin

Apple could be planning to use new materials in the upcoming Apple Watch, according to hidden code.

The company is planning to make the new watches out of titanium and ceramic, the leaks suggest.

The new details were found in code hidden in watchOS 6, the beta version of the operating system that will be released in September. They come after similar hidden code revealed the release date of the new iPhone, which could also serve as the introduction of the new Apple Watch.

Apple has made a ceramic version of the Apple Watch before. For both the Series 2 and 3 watches, it sold a white and black version that was more expensive and used the material.

The company hasn't made a titanium version of the Apple Watch before. But it is popular among traditional watch companies, because it is both light and durable.

The details were found in hidden versions of the startup screen that shows when a new Apple Watch is paired with a phone. That screen mimics the design of the back of the Watch, and gives an indication of its material and size.

The same code, which was first discovered by blog iHelp BR, seems to suggest that the new Watch will come in the same 40mm and 44mm size options.

The current Series 4 version of the watch was the first to introduce those sizes, after it was redesigned to allow for more of the front of the watch to be taken up by the display. The sizes perhaps suggests that the new Watch will not receive any significant redesign on the outside, and will keep the new design for another year.

Apple has used a variety of different materials in the Watch. As well as the steel and aluminium that most versions are made out of, the company released the Watch with a host of gold options, which cost thousands of pounds and were dropped after the first year.

The company is likely to unveil the new Watches alongside its new iPhones, at an event on 10 September.