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AppleCare+ Purchase Window Extended To One Year For iPhones

Eric Chiu
The Cupertino giant has once again expressed its objection of Nebraska’s proposed “Right to Repair” bill. This time it is countering the proposal with a hacking claim that could cause an even bigger problem for many companies.

The Apple iPhone has always come with basic coverage through Apple for accidental damage and tech support, but soon, coverage options for new iPhone owners will be a bit more flexible.

Apple will extend the window that users can sign up for AppleCare+ coverage from 60 days to one year after the date of purchase, according to a report from 9to5Mac. With extended AppleCare+ coverage, benefits include up to two free repairs from accidental damage like drops and access to private customer support agents via chat or phone.

As 9to5Mac noted, the extended purchase period only applied to iPhones and excludes iPads or the Apple Watch for now. AppleCare packages currently run $129.99 for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 series, while they cost only $99 for the iPhone SE.

AppleCare+ purchases outside of the warranty period normally require additional verification from Apple. These options typically include an in-store inspection from Apple or remote diagnostics from online buyers.

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The tweak in Apple’s fine print comes as the company is expected to release the latest update to its iPhone series later this year. While few confirmed details have leaked about the phone, the fall release schedule will potentially include the iPhone 7S and a boutique version of the iPhone 8 that’s rumored to retail for more than $1,000. With a slate of new iPhones expected to drop in Apple’s traditional fall release time, the company likely wants buyers to more easily spring for an extended warranty coverage.

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