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Apple's new iPhone software will automatically show you where you parked

Julie Bort
parking lot

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My dream feature is coming to iOS 10, the new version of the iPhone's operating system. The phone will automatically remember where I parked my car and show the car's location on Apple maps.

As Apple developers start playing with their preview versions of iOS 10, they are discovering new features like this. 

Several people discovered the new feature and headed to Reddit to discuss it. They speculated that the phone could be using the car's Bluetooth to figure this out, noticing when you disconnect somewhere other than your home location. It also works with Apple's CarPlay system, noticing when you disconnect with that.

An AppleInsider iOS 10 beta tester says that the feature is also available when you use Apple Maps to map a trip. iOS 10 will automatically drop a pin on the map at the end of the trip, where the car is parked.

Users can then get directions back to the parked car pin and the location automatically shows up on the Apple notification screen or new widget screen.

Here's a picture from Reddit user Captainfodder who discovered it on iOS 10's new widget screen.

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