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This Is What Apple's Voice Recording App Will Look Like When The New iPhone Software Launches Later This Year

Steve Kovach

Apple pushed out a new beta version of iOS 7, the upcoming operating system for iPhones and iPads, to developers today.

The update, called Beta 2, includes a bunch of tweaks to the look and feel of iOS 7. It also adds Voice Memos, a voice-recording app that normally comes with the iPhone but wasn't included in the first version of the iOS 7 developer beta.

Like all the standard apps in iOS 7, Voice Memos has a brand new icon and design. Let's take a look at the icon:

iOS 7 voice memos new icon


Here's what the app looks like when you open it up:

apple ios 7 voice memos new app design


Keep in mind iOS 7 is still a work in progress. These screenshots come from a version that's only available to developers. Developers use this early version to make sure their apps will be compatible with iOS 7 when it launches later this year. Apple can and will make several more changes between now and then.

Still, it's worth a look. Many designers have come out in recent weeks and blasted Apple's new look for its apps and icons in iOS 7.

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