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AppSwarm and Deep Sky Mobile Provides Business Outline for Developing its Mobile Communication and Data Network

TULSA, OK, May 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Deep Sky Mobile, which is a partnership between AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM) and AI VentureTech, Inc., outlines business model and company update for development of its mobile enterprise company. 

Tom Bustamante, the founder, and CEO of AI VentureTech, Inc., an early stage development team focused on the areas of artificial intelligence and automation, provides an outline and operational vision for Deep Sky Mobile, and its goal of developing a mobile communication and data connectivity company.

Operation Focus: Mobile Communications and Enterprise Applications

The two core focuses for Deep Sky Mobile will be in the area of mobile communications, and enterprise data solutions. The mobile carrier operations will focus on providing voice, SMS, and data services for businesses, residential, and retail customers.

Deep Sky’s enterprise operations will focus on providing data connectivity applications, and services, in the areas of smart homes, Internet of Things (IoT), drones, robotics, cloud, and edge computing, application development, and IT consulting for larger enterprise networks.

The mobile communications side will attempt to begin generating monthly revenues targeting business, residential, and retail customers. Our enterprise side of operations could provide us with greater results due to higher margins through specialized products and IT contracts, as well as greater brand recognition for the Deep Sky Mobile name through its more cutting edge application, and potential partnerships.


To that point, partnerships are how you rapidly grow a good idea into a working commercial product. Building out infrastructure and support for new technologies is not only time consuming, but also very expensive. So for that purpose, one of Deep Sky’s immediate focuses will be partnering with working mobile and data technology firms who can bring their existing infrastructure that we can not only build and develop off but also roll-out working services into commercialization in an immediate fashion.

Customer Support and Sales

You can build the greatest products and services, but without the proper customer support and sales team behind the project things just won’t happen. Once launched, we will establish a minimum sales and customer support team to assist in selling our products, and more importantly, providing higher customer services. High customer service should result in higher customer retention and monthly subscription growth.

Telecom Experts and Advisory Board

You can have good ideas, the partnerships to provide the infrastructure, and even customer and sales support, but what will be critical in making this become a reality is appointing skilled telecom and data specialists to the management team, and board of advisors.

Appointing individuals with skills in the mobile and data enterprise field will be one of our core focuses starting in May, and into the end of the first half of 2019. If we want to make this idea come true, we have to put the right people behind the project to get it done.

Realistic Timelines

One mistake many small-cap and early-stage companies make is not being realistic with their development and launch timelines. It’s true Deep Sky Mobile has potential revenue channels to market, but it is also true that all of these won’t happen overnight. We feel it’s important to be more transparent on development timelines, and investor expectations to provide a clearer picture of our plan.

We will work in releasing this month a project timeline with phases, such as Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3, etc. on which the market can tag some clarity on what is expected in any current phase, and projected goals to complete to move on to the next. 

We feel this will not only be good in keeping the company on track in achieving its goals, but will also build confidence with shareholders and the retail market that we are executing, and moving the ball down the field to our set goals.

Mobile Carrier Service

The market of talk, text, data is a very competitive field, and with many more wholesale resellers entering the market the margins for this business can be rather thin. For this reason, Deep Sky will put its initial focus in offering voice, SMS, and data service through the implementation of VoIP services geared towards business and residential customers.

The North America VoIP market is projected to dominate the industry share by over 40% in 2025 driven by the huge adoption of cloud services, advanced telecommunications infrastructure, and the rising popularity of workforce mobility.

The VoIP market is estimated to grow from $20 billion in 2018 to around $55 billion by 2025, according to a 2019 Global Market Insights, Inc. report. The VoIP market growth is due to its cost-effective way of communication compared to a broadband internet connection. This technology is rapidly replacing expensive traditional phone services as it eliminates the need to invest in massive telecom hardware equipment. 

Extensive internet penetration and widespread adoption of advanced unified communication platforms to support the growing business requirements will also contribute to the rising adoption of VoIP.

VoIP phone systems aren’t only for businesses—they’re also useful for residential customers. A residential VoIP system replaces your old phone line, letting you cut the cord and make calls for a fraction of the cost. Residential VoIP systems also come stacked with dozens of features like voicemail-to-text, virtual fax, and with today’s top residential VoIP providers you don’t have to sacrifice top-quality sound and service.

Enterprise and IoT Data Services

The enterprise side of operations may eventually become the stronger part of the Deep Sky revenue model due to the rapid growth in data connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT), and expected upgrade in 5G applications. 

Deep Sky enterprises will work on developing a number of IoT, or device connected applications. This can range from smart home applications, such as home security systems or AC temperature controls, or rural monitoring of farm irrigation equipment and operational oil rigs in the field.

The data connectivity of things can also be useful in automation in the areas of security, drone tracking, or real-time supply chain analytics. The range of applications and services are limited to one’s imagination only.

These services could be monitored through a cloud platform, and provide for additional monthly service subscription revenues to the company.

As 5G begins to roll-out in the US, and next-generation “smartphones” come to market, a whole new wave of mobile applications will be needed to service this new bandwidth, and intelligent device power. 

These new tools could include a growing trend of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) enabled applications, and more robust API services from third parties. For this reason Deep Sky will work on establishing a small mobile application team specifically focused on these next-generation AI enabled applications, as well as personalized ‘smart apps’ geared specifically towards the retail customer, which could have add-on features to also provide additional revenue streams on a retail consumer basis.

Deep Sky IT services to mid and larger size enterprises could result in larger revenue contracts for consulting, and enterprise networking for companies seeking to integrate their data connectivity.

In short, we feel Deep Sky Mobile has a number of realistic business opportunities and an excellent brand name that could assist us in making a name for ourselves in the exploding data market. 

We are realistic that all of this won’t be done overnight. But with the right team behind the project, and a more structured timeline, we feel this could not only become a winner for Deep Sky, but for the shareholders behind this project as well. For it is with their support we feel this could be the start of something great.

If interested in receiving investor updates on Deep Sky Mobile register online at https://deepskymobile.com/investors/ 


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About Deep Sky Mobile

Deep Sky Mobile is a development stage partnership between AppSwarm, Inc. (OTC:SWRM), and AI VentureTech, Inc., focused on providing mobile services for both the consumer and enterprise market. The goal is to develop Deep Sky Mobile as an alternative carrier for users seeking higher broadband Phone, Text, and Data services. Deep Sky Enterprise will focus on more advanced mobile solutions such as tracking networks for driverless cars, drones, Smart Homes, Smart City's, IoT, and enterprise networking off of our early stage 5G Cloud Platform providing both 4G and pre 5G capabilities. www.deepskymobile.com 

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