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AppSwarm and Deep Sky Mobile Selects ‘Data2Go Wireless’ for Development of its IoT and Data Enterprise Division

TULSA, OK, May 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Deep Sky Mobile, which is a partnership between AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM) and AI VentureTech, Inc., announces it has elected to utilize Data2Go Wireless, a provider of data solutions and management platforms, as the infrastructure provider for its data enterprise and IoT division.

The Company is pleased to announce it has elected to utilize Data2Go Wireless to provide its data connectivity infrastructure for our data enterprise and Internet of Things (IoT) division.

Data Connectivity Plans

Deep Sky will offer customers machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) network services and data plans from a wide variety of reputable carriers for consistent nationwide connectivity.

Built off Data2Go Wireless’s ‘Nationwide Carrier Agnostic Network™’, which includes 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE services from some of the largest carriers in the US, we will have the ability to offer data connectivity plans for both business and enterprise customers.

Customers will be able to choose from post-paid or pre-paid data plans, from pooled or shared plans as well as static IP or dynamic IP addresses, with no long-term contracts for standard pricing.

In addition to businesses, Data2Go Wireless technology will also become a backbone for several in-house IoT, and data connectivity solutions we will develop for such areas as retail stores, industrial utilities, and agricultural markets.

Back-Up Internet for Business

Many businesses have DSL, T1 or a Metro Ethernet connection, but are still not immune to outages or slow connections. American companies average 14 hours of Internet downtime each year, which results in nearly $26.5 billion in lost revenue.

Retail stores, restaurants, law firms, or tech start-ups are the types of businesses that need a backup Internet connection. From inventory control to managing schedules, point of sale (POS) transactions, or maintaining critical systems a fast, reliable, Internet connection is required for any such business.

Deep Sky will now utilize the ‘DataPro2Go’ technology, off a nationwide LTE wireless network, to offer businesses and enterprises a reliable back-up Internet solution for their operations.


Utilizing Data2Go’s ‘APOGEE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM™’, Deep Sky Mobile will offer customers a cloud-based application that will allow them to manage their services and devices from anywhere at any time. The platform boasts innovative features that can be added as clients grow, allowing for better managed network configurations, control VPNs and device settings such as IP addresses.

Provisioning can be complex as it involves many moving parts, but with their IoT Platform customers can activate, deactivate, even suspend devices as needed, cutting out recurring charges for inactive devices, while giving them more control over their budget and schedule.

The Platform will also offer device level event-based alerts and monitoring features that can be configured to warn of data usage limits, identify rogue device activity or abuse via text or email.

ZirrusWare™ ESB Platform

Deep Sky will also utilize the ZirrusWare™ ESB Platform, which is designed for speed and productivity with pre-built connectors for Carrier API Integration, out-of-the-box management and an architecture that can scale up and scale out as a client needs evolve.

Managing complex billing data across different platforms and service providers can be complex, time-consuming and expensive. We will be able to leverage the ZirrusWare™ service-oriented architecture (SOA) to manage disparate systems across public and private clouds. Interconnect carrier billing API's and OSS/BSS Platforms, Integrate CRM and ERP systems, and develop end-to-end transactional data and provisioning processes.

These quality designed platforms will allow us not to have to spend time and money building out expensive back-end management or billing systems, and will assist us in moving towards commercialization faster since all the infrastructure is already in place.

Robert Senatore, Managing Member at Data2Go Wireless, commented, “We are excited to have Deep Sky Mobile as our newest customer. Data2Go has built a “PaaS” (Platform as a Service) business that enables Service Providers and customers to monetize and take part in the IoT movement that is in front of us right now. Deep Sky’s choice of working with Data2Go Wireless further validates the value proposition we bring to the market as an “enabler” and MVNE.”

Tom Bustamante, the Interim CEO of Deep Sky Mobile, commented, "We are pleased to be able to utilize Data2Go Wireless services in our efforts to build out our enterprise data and IoT network. Like we mentioned prior, we don’t expect to execute on all these products overnight, but utilizing Data2Go’s suite of products, technical support, and knowledge of the data connectivity industry we feel will be a big asset in us providing the infrastructure we need in developing out our data enterprise solutions for customers. We feel it’s a great first step in executing our game plan."

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