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Aptage and Roeder Consulting Partner to Integrate AI and Project Management

DETROIT and CLEVELAND, Sept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Aptage, a cutting-edge provider of AI business products, and Roeder Consulting, a leading project and change management firm, today announced a partnership, merging Aptage's powerful AI forecasting tools with Roeder Consulting's established and recognized project management expertise.

"We're very excited to leverage our trusted and time-tested project management methodology with Aptage's game-changing technology," said Tres Roeder, Founder and President of Roeder Consulting. "Clients of both firms stand to benefit immensely from our partnership."

Aptage is a pioneer in the development of advanced decision-support systems that leverage AI technologies to better understand, measure and manage risk and uncertainty inherent in complex business undertakings. For companies seeking more accurate project outcome forecasting, Aptage's innovative technologies provide an objective means of accessing probabilities based on what is known.

"Predictive AI software has the potential to dramatically enhance and improve the landscape of traditional project management," stated John Heintz, CEO of Aptage. "Roeder Consulting has the established project management processes, systems, and expertise in place that will enable our clients to fully utilize the capabilities of our AI tools."

Heintz further explained that recent scientific studies demonstrate that the human brain is good at simple risk assessment, but not efficient when faced with compound risk analysis. "The human brain is good at some things, and computers are good at other things. We get the best results when we combine the power of the human mind with augmented intelligence."

In an increasingly fast-moving global economy, many corporations are actively seeking innovative ways to mitigate and manage project risk. Potential benefits to organizations of using a combination of formal project management methodology and AI software include greater cost management, more accurate executive and stakeholder reporting, and improved project value realization.

"At Aptage, we measure uncertainty so our clients can manage uncertainty," said Dr. Murray Cantor, Aptage CTO. "We bring clients peace of mind by the ability to see future outcomes more clearly. Our partnership with Roeder Consulting leverages our innovative tools with the expertise necessary to guide clients through the business and cultural changes required to implement a successful AI program."

For more information about Roeder Consulting, please visit roederconsulting.com, and aptage.com for more information about Aptage.


Tres Roeder, Founder and President
Roeder Consulting

John Heintz, CEO

Dr. Murray Cantor, CTO


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