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AquaBlok Bentonite-Based Sealing Materials Can Now be Purchased Direct from the Manufacturer through the Company's New E-Commerce Store

AquaBlok is now more readily available for a wide variety of home and farm applications.

TOLEDO, Ohio, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Aquablok, Ltd. is happy to announce that small quantities of AquaBlok, for non-environmental applications, can now be purchased and shipped directly to customers through its new e-commerce online store. The company's namesake, bentonite-based sealing material is well suited to a range of typical applications such as; pond repairs, plugging animal burrows, foundation protection and many more. The product can be purchased directly from their AquaBlok E-Commerce Store. Customers can purchase up to 10 boxes (50lb each) of AquaBlok 2080FW.

"Our goal is to make purchases of small quantities of AquaBlok easier and more cost-effective for individuals. The hope is that this will expand applications for our products and help us get more direct feedback from our customers," says COO John Collins, AquaBlok Ltd.

AquaBlok 2080FW provides a low- permeability seal underwater and without mechanical compaction. It is often used for anti-Seep collars around pipes, plugging animal burrows, pond repair and foundation protection. The key advantages of this material are

  • Provide a low-permeability (high hydraulic conductivity) seal without mechanical compaction;
  • Provide simple, targeted, and uniform placement of high-value sodium bentonite; and
  • Provide improved durability, structural integrity, and resistance to erosive flow compared to conventional bentonite-based approaches.

To Purchase AquaBlok 2080FW, please visit AquaBlok's E-Commerce Store. For more information about this material, applications and quantities visit their website. For larger quantities or environmental applications, please contact AquaBlok directly.

AquaBlok, Ltd.
AquaBlok, Ltd. provides a bentonite-based sealing material to address a wide range of geotechnical sealing and erosion control applications. Highly versatile, AquaBlok is used as anti-seep collars/trench dams, pond/basin construction and repair, cut-off walls and dam rehabilitation, synthetic liner repair, and more. AquaBlok uses a limestone aggregate core that is coated with the highest-quality powdered sodium bentonite clay. This approach improves over the use of raw granular or powder bentonite by eliminating the need to compact to achieve a seal, making it easier to place, simple to handle, gives it structural stability, makes it more erosion resistant and improves safety. Use as a blanket over leaking soils without blending, stop seepage around pipes and control structures without compaction, and so much more. AquaBlok can be applied through standing water or in the dry during construction. For more information, please visit http://www.aquablok.com.


SOURCE AquaBlok Ltd