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Arch Real Estate Holdings Opens Mexico Division as Mexico Shows High Investment Interest and Economic Concerns Makes it a Potentially Larger Interest

SPACE COAST, Fla., March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp. is a private real estate holding company, currently holding a private placement offering to provide a unique investment opportunity for accredited US investors and foreign investors. Our mission is to build a top choice safe investment with both upside potential and a business model that assures low risk before anything else.

We are witnessing the largest financial uncertainty in our lifetime because of the health concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Investors will look for new opportunities created by the crisis and they will also look for "safe havens" or super safe investments that have the ability to shield the capital value of their position from the market's volatility or economic uncertainty. Sure the most common safe haven is cash, but the cash option is often not enough for ultra-high net worth investors, and for Mexican investors, the Mexican peso may not even be a safe option at all.

Arch Real Estate Holdings business model was developed around excessive risk mitigation and shareholder convenience. In a nutshell, its business model consists of acquiring distressed assets (single-family residential properties) at significantly discounted prices in order to reduce the risk of asset devaluation and creating high upside potential while leasing the properties for rental revenue.  Another risk mitigation layer is the no debt business model as a result of the cost incurred in refurbishing the distressed assets coming from the discounted purchase as opposed to loans or leverage. However, the most important piece is that the revenue will come from the United States federal government through the Housing Choice Voucher Program or better known as section 8 program which is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), meaning that your client/consumer is the US Government and that most likely there will be no issues collecting payments even through a recession. The section 8 housing program has been around since 1937 and through many recessions.

In conclusion, this real estate instrument assures a very small downside and a high upside potential when it comes to capital value while it has no debt and it also has the best paying customer of the world as the sole source of income, the United States Federal Government.

"One of the most important facts that have helped develop trust and confidence from the Mexican investors is that the company and its assets are American with paid distributions in US Dollars. This provides a unique opportunity for the Mexican investor to place their wealth in one of the strongest economies in the world," Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp. CEO & Founder Eng. Omar Caraballo said.

Our team counts with Gerardo Quintero, a graduate from the Business Administration Program from the prestigious Mexican institution Iberoamericana University at Santa Fe, Mexico City is the VP of International investments and also the person in charge of the new Mexico division. Gerardo has extensive experience in the Mexico Capital Markets (Bolsa Mexicana De Valores) and has a strong relationship with both the private and public sectors in Mexico putting Arch Real Estate Holdings in a very powerful position regardless of the impending economic crisis.

We are confident that our fund is the safest investment instrument for this impending time due to the facts mentioned above. Please contact us for more information.

Arch Real Estate Holdings Corp.


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