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Architect Frank Gehry Is Still Obsessed With Fish

Megan Willett

Frank Gehry — one of the most celebrated and prolific architects living today — has a thing for fish. He's been quoted as saying, "The fish is a perfect form," and previously devoted an entire gallery to showcasing hollow Fish Lamps he created himself back in 1984.

And now he's doing it again in two brand new Fish Lamp exhibits that are concurrently on display in Larry Gagosian's Los Angeles and Paris galleries.

For the latest exhibit, Gehry decided to create a brand new group of Fish Lamps rather than re-display the 1984 originals. The sculptures range from life-size to out-size, and use ColorCore, a type of material used for outdoor signs, for the jagged scales attached to the wire-molded fish frame.

The designs are whimsical, sometimes arranged individually or in groupings of two or three, and the softly-lit fish seem to swim throughout the Gehry-designed gallery layout.

The joint exhibit will run until February 14, 2013 in LA, and March 9 in Paris. See preview images for the Fish Lamps below.



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