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Architect Scales Back Design For The 'Death Spire' Above MoMA

Megan Willett

The latest concept designs for the proposed tower above New York's Museum of Modern Art, called Torre Verre, have just been released.

Originally designed to be 85 stories tall, the new version from architect Jean Nouvel would be 1,050-feet tall, or 78 stories. There would be 100 hotel rooms, 480,000-square-feet of residential space, and a planned 52,000-square-foot space set aside for MoMA to expand into as well.

The general design of the building has remained consistent since its 2007 conception, with three asymmetrical peaks and a web of interior concrete columns. The building, which has been roundly criticized and even referred to as the "Death Spire," would stand just shy of the Chrysler building's height, with entrances on both 53rd and 54th streets.

Currently the MoMA Tower is still trying to gain the financing it has so desperately been seeking for the past year, according to the New York Observer. And though the lot at 53 West 53rd Street still sadly sits empty, at least you can see the concept images below to tide you over.





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