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Arianna Huffington to give keynote on thriving for sustainable success at NEW Executive Forum

Arianna Huffington to give keynote on thriving for sustainable success at NEW Executive Forum

Arianna Huffington to give keynote on thriving for sustainable success at NEW Executive Forum

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Additional keynotes will be delivered by Erica Dhawan, James Rhee and Stephanie Mehta

CHICAGO, June 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Arianna Huffington, best-selling author and Founder, Thrive Global, will share profound insights on improving well-being and success on July 29 as the closing keynote at Network of Executive Women's 15th Annual NEW Executive Forum 2020.

The conference is an opportunity for more than 400 executive-level leaders from retail, consumer package goods, financial services and technology to come together and examine this year's theme of Beyond. The next evolution of society and business will ask more of us all. In this virtual event, attendees will learn what it means to go beyond good intentions, comfort zones, our titles and skills, and our 'realistic' expectations of gender equality.

"This year's forum will be like no other before it," said Sarah Alter, President and CEO of NEW. "Our current landscape presents a uniquely challenging time for women, particularly women of color, and has starkly shown the inequities still alive in our workplaces. While women now occupy more CEO positions of Fortune 500 companies than ever before, only a few are women of color. NEW is dedicated to Advancing All Women and advancing workplaces for women of color is a core pillar of that mission."

"Delivered virtually for the first time, Forum will bring participants powerful messages of what it means to go beyond our expectations of how, and when, gender equality can happen. My goal for this year's forum is that our executive attendees leave with fresh perspectives and practical solutions for accelerating equality in our workplaces, and that they will charge ahead toward a brighter future for women and the men who support us."

As founder of the world's first cross-channel behavior change platform, combining data, stories, and actionable micro-steps to improve well-being and success, Arianna Huffington is changing the peak performance conversation. Whether financial, physical or mental, the adage that "our health is our wealth" is increasingly true. Huffington will share the most profound insights from her work with Thrive Global and offer a path to meaningful progress for companies and leaders alike. 

Other highly anticipated keynotes include Stephanie Mehta, Editor-in-Chief, Fast Company; James Rhee, CEO, Ashley Stewart; and Erica Dhawan, author of Get Big Things Done, Founder and CEO, Cotential. 


Founded in 2001, Network of Executive Women is the largest U.S. non-profit organization dedicated to achieving gender equality in the workplace and advancing women into leadership roles. NEW is a powerful and growing community of nearly 13,000 members, and a collective voice for everyone in the corporate world who wants to see diversity, equity, and inclusion become a reality. NEW's members represent more than 925 companies and are active in 22 regions throughout North America. Its mission is powered by more than 260 national and regional corporate sponsors within retail, consumer products goods, financial services and technology.

For more information about NEW and its learning programs, events, content and insights, visit newonline.org. Connect with NEW on social media @newnational.

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