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Ariel Winter Braves The Cold For Revealing Photo Op

Jeff Mazzeo

Ariel Winter is continuing her European vacation after filming in Paris for the last season of "Modern Family" but faced the bone-chilling temperatures of Amsterdam for her latest Instagram post.

Winter's name has never been more appropriate because she shared a photo with no jacket on Tuesday in sub-50-degree temperatures. Ariel only had on a tiny top that appears to be made of very thin material and left her chest exposed to the elements.

She was sporting a curve-hugging pair of blue jeans, a pair of fashionable knee-high boots, and she had her raven color hair draped over one shoulder.


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Will She Ever Go Back To Los Angeles?

Ariel wrote a funny caption to accompany her post that said, "These hoes (LA) could NEVER." The phrase is a popular saying that means other people can not compare themselves or compete with the person uttering the sentence. Winter added "(LA)" to make it personal to her.

She recently freaked some fans out by saying that she will never return to her home city of Los Angeles because she loves Europe so much.

She posed in front of Amsterdam's famous canals and wrote, "Cancelled my return ticket so farewell forever LA! 😱"

Her latest post from Holland seems to second that thought because of the personalized phrase.

Fans Beg Her To Put On A Jacket!

Ariel had a jacket at one point but shed her white puffy coat for the picture. Her "Modern Family" hairstylist, Jessica Elbaum, shared proof that the star did not go out in the cold ill-prepared.

Needless to say, her millions of followers were concerned because they only saw the actress in the tiny top.

"It's so cold here right now though 🥶," one worried fan commented while another said, "U want to freeze lady its coldddddd colllldd."

One fan noticed all the hard work she has been putting in at the gym and wrote, "such a incredible shape u r in."

The Full Dutch Experience

The actress' friend/hairstylist also revealed a photo that featured Winter and herself dressed in what can only be described as traditional Dutch clothing. The wore pointy hats, black floor-length dresses, and colorful aprons. "Yup this happened," Elbaum wrote on the photo.

It appears that Ariel is pretending to churn butter by putting one fist on top of the other but we are not 100 percent sure. Whatever she is doing, Winter and her friend looked amazing in the outfits.

Most Of The Cast Is Back Home

A good number of the "Modern Family" cast has already made the trip home and Eric Stonestreet documented his first-class plane ride with Ed O'Neill, Ty Burrell.

All three stars were sitting in a row of giant seats and Eric made a witty comment about how they look.

"Modern Family bobsled team." Stonestreet joked in the caption of his picture.

Ariel may have fallen in love with the countryside of Europe but you cannot beat the 74 degree mid-November weather in Los Angeles. Please come home, Ariel!