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Ariel Winter Scares Fans By Saying She Is Never Coming Back To Los Angeles

Jeff Mazzeo

"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter freaked her fans out by saying that she never plans to return to Los Angeles not that she has experienced the magic of Europe.

Winter heated up the gram by sharing a picturesque photo of herself standing on a bridge over the famous canals of Amsterdam. The star was all bundled up in an all-black ensemble that featured a YSL purse as an accessory. Ariel was posing with a classic looking blue bicycle, which Amsterdam is also known for.

"Cancelled my return ticket so farewell forever LA! 😱" Winter wrote in the caption of her post.


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Fans Are Worried

Many fans were taken aback by the beauty of the backdrop and Ariel's beauty but some fans expressed their concerns over her statement.

"You must be high 😂," one fan wrote while making a joke about how marijuana is legal in the Netherlands. Another follower was concerned and asked the star to clarify if she is just working or if she is serious, "Please tell me you are all shooting an episode in Amsterdam. 😍"

One fan was so excited for Winter that they are planning on ditching the United States as well. "Yes!!!! We are moving here! 👋🏼👋🏼" the excited fan commented while another said, "I don't blame you I wouldn't want to live in LA either ."

From Paris with Love

Ariel and the entire "Modern Family" cast have been in Paris for the past week as they tape the final episodes of the long-running series. In between shoots, the stars took some time to wander around the City of Lights while playing tourists.

Winter went out for a day of shopping with her Nolan Gould, her TV brother, and the two checked out some luxury shops. She shared a hilarious picture from inside the Louis Vitton store. The picture showed her sitting on an odd chair.

"the moment you realize you’re about to get kicked out of the Louis Vuitton store for unknowingly sitting on merchandise," Ariel wrote in the caption of her post.

Fans were less obsessed with the chair and more obsessed with how good the star looked.

"Nice photo Ariel you look really stunning in this outfit," one person wrote.

Some Cast Members Are Coming Home

While Ariel took off and went to Amsterdam, some of her co-stars appear to be headed home after completing their scenes.

Eric Stonestreet shared an amazing photo of Ed O'Neill, Ty Burrell, and himself sitting on a plane in first class."Modern Family bobsled team." Stonestreet wrote in the caption of his post, clearly making fun of how the first-class seats look.

As one fan put it, there is only one word to describe this picture, "Epic."

New episodes of "Modern Family" air Wednesdays at 9 PM.