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Aries daily horoscope

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Friday 15, November

You’ve got a bit of wiggle room to meet deadlines early this Friday, but by the time the Moon dives into Cancer later this evening, your soul will be ready to head home and nest for the rest of the weekend. You’re less social than usual tonight, but you need the self-care and downtime right now, so give yourself a break.

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Thursday 14, November

Venus and Neptune are squaring off today, bringing a fair amount of googly-eyed romance to your life — and making your sex life off-the-charts hot and sweet. Venus is in Scorpio and Neptune is in Pisces — your house of intimacy and your house of dreams are simultaneously lit up. The only downside is that it may be too good to be true.

Wednesday 13, November

Communication is super strange today, Aries, so don’t take anyone’s words personally. Mercury sextiles Saturn and trines Neptune, so the vibe could be both overly seriously and vague at the same time. There are too many boundaries and yet not enough boundaries — don’t make any important decisions, if you can avoid it.

Tuesday 12, November

Today’s Full Moon in Taurus highlights your financial zone, Aries. This is an amazing opportunity to review your last six months of income and spending – it’s time to figure out what worked and what didn’t. On the other hand, you might just want to go SHOPPING. Just don’t blow all your holiday money before December.

Monday 11, November

The Sun is conjunct Mercury in the midst of this intense retrograde, making today into a pivotal moment for your MR journey. If you haven’t yet done a thorough review of your feelings about intimacy, this is the moment to do that deeper work. Is your desire leading the way, Aries?

Sunday 10, November

It’s feisty and contentious out there today, Aries. The Moon (in your stars) is in a stand-off with Mars, setting you into a big power struggle either internally or externally -- possibly with someone you love. Try to find the middle ground instead of pushing yourself to the breaking point; avoid burning a bridge.

Saturday 09, November

You’re still blazing in your element, darling. Yes, the Moon continues to fire up your fabulous stars. Use this energy to be your best, most feisty self. No apologies, bb! You know what you want and even if you encounter any obstacles, nothing will ultimately defeat you. Your warrior shines through and wins.

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