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Arion Bank: Proposal of the Nomination Committee and candidates to the Board of Directors and Nomination Committee

The Annual General Meeting of Arion Bank will be held at the Bank’s headquarters at Borgartún 19, 105 Reykjavík on 17 March 2020 at 16:00.

One item on the agenda is the election of the Board of Directors. Deadline for notifications of candidacy was at 16:00 on 12 March 2020.

All current board members have announced that they intend to stand for re-election. The Nomination Committee has examined the nominations received and has assessed whether the candidates are dependent or independent of the Bank. The Nomination Committee’s report and information on the candidates are attached. The following candidates have announced that they wish to stand for election to the Board of Directors of Arion Bank and the Nomination Committee proposes that they be elected to the Bank’s Board of Directors.

  • Brynjólfur Bjarnason
  • Herdís Dröfn Fjeldsted
  • Gunnar Sturluson
  • Liv Fiksdahl
  • Paul Richard Horner
  • Renier Lemmens
  • Steinunn Kristín Þórðardóttir


  • Ólafur Örn Svansson
  • Sigurbjörg Ásta Jónsdóttir
  • Þröstur Ríkharðsson

The Nomination Committee also proposes that Brynjólfur Bjarnason be elected as Chairman of the Board and that Herdís Dröfn Fjeldsted be elected as Vice Chairman.

The following candidates announced they wish to stand for election to the Nomination Committee of Arion Bank. Information on the candidates is also attached:

  • Júlíus Þorfinnsson
  • Sam Taylor

For further information on the Annual General Meeting of Arion Bank please visit the Bank's website www.arionbanki.is/gm and contacting Theódór Fridbertsson, at Investor Relations, at ir@arionbanki.is, tel. +354 856 6760.