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ARM Holdings rises after guiding FY13 revenue 'at least in line'

Shares of semiconductor designer and intellectual property holder ARM Holdings (ARMH) are higher in midday trading after the company reported Q4 results and gave its outlook for FY13 earlier this morning. The company said Q4 normalized EPS rose 10% from the prior year to 4.08p from 3.71p. Q4 revenue grew 21% to $262.8M from $217M in the same quarter of the prior year. The company also noted that its Q4 processor royalty revenue grew 21% year-over-year, with shipments of chips based on ARM processor technology growing to 2.5B, adding that ARM’s royalty revenues for 1Q13 are based on shipments in Q4. The company forecast total revenues in Q1 to be around $250M, assuming year-over-year royalty growth based on similar trends and given the positive outlook for license revenues. ARM also said, "The global macro-economic environment continues to be characterised by uncertainty and the prospect of low growth for some time... However, assuming the macroeconomic situation does not deteriorate significantly, we expect group dollar revenues for the full-year to be at least in line with current market expectations." Shares of ARM Holdings trading in the U.S. were up $1.88, or 4.48%, to $43.83 in late morning trading.