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Armoured One: A Company That Reacts to Public Needs

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Nowadays, people take a closer look at a company’s actions, mission, and beliefs. For many consumers, it is important to do business with a company that aligns with their own beliefs and what they stand for. At the end of the day, a business’s core is the reason why they do what they do, what started everything, and customers look for that reason to be similar to the values they have. That is why companies like Armoured One are able to succeed: because they want safety just as much as anyone.

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Armoured One was founded by a former SWAT Team Operator, Tom Czyz and Tino Amodei, who have put together a team of experts that are devoted to protecting the public against active shooter attacks. This team is made up of subject matter experts from defense institutions including; Homeland Security, active shooter experts, a former Navy SEAL Master Chief, a Delta Force Team Leader, former FBI Agents, and former Secret Service agents, as well as psychologists and teachers. They came together in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012. Because of the team’s collective experience, they understand that every attack is unique and have developed products to meet the safety needs of K-12 schools, higher education, businesses, government, healthcare, and religious organizations. Through their hundreds of physical security assessments on buildings, they have studied and analyzed active shooter behavior in past attacks and utilize this to create innovative safety products.

Throughout the years, Armoured One has customized their products to fit each client individually. There are two particularly important products they have developed and sold to the public: the security film and the security glass. The security film was created to add an extra layer of protection to existing glass entries. This film is shooter attack and bomb resistant, designed for bullets to go through but hold together for a longer period of time. It was designed by active shooter experts and is military and police grade.

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The security glass they produced was also created by active shooter experts and designed to slow down or deter an attacker trying to enter the building by breaking the glass with force or a gun. It is a shooter attack certified glass that can also be made with options, such as fire rated, insulated units, and various levels of bullet resistance. Armoured One offers five types of security glass: 5/16-inch shooter/attack glass, 3/8-inch shooter/attack glass, 1-inch insulated shooter/attack glass, 20-minute fire rated shooter/attack glass, and 45-minute fire rated shooter/attack glass.

Armoured One has proven since its foundation that it was created to safeguard the public from the unfortunate threat of an active shooter attack. They have done so for years and it was no surprise when they stepped up and started fabricating face and neck shields for medical workers, police officers, and first responders in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. When the demand became too big for companies dedicated to creating these shields, Armoured One transformed its security film technology and turned it into face and neck shields for first responders. These are clear protective medical and dental grade shields, with a comfortable brow foam for daily wear and an adjustable headband. In an effort to unify during this time, Armoured One has offered businesses and schools an option to customize their shields with a unique company or school logo and colors. They have already donated over 5,000 face shields to first responders.

Throughout the years, Armoured One has been a company that puts the public needs first. They have worked hard and dedicated the time to create products to protect and benefit people. From active shooter attacks to a global pandemic, they have known how to utilize their knowledge and experience to safeguard their customers by staying one step ahead. It is because they stand by something greater than simply selling products that they have been successful and have had the public’s support.