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Aroma Lamps & Oils Responds to Rising Popularity of Aromatherapy and Ignites an Exciting 2012 Holiday Gift Option

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - Dec 4, 2012) -  The rising popularity in aromatherapy has prompted Aroma Lamps & Oils to share their expertise and unique product line in time for the 2012 holiday season. Society has become increasingly encumbered with stress and anxiety and Aroma Lamps & Oils has responded by offering a variety of uniquely designed aroma lamps that provide extensive therapeutic benefits. Giving the gift that reduces stress and offers relaxation is exactly what aroma lamps provide.

Essential oils released from these electric oil burners have the power to not only eradicate airborne bacteria, they also help boost the immune system, alleviate tension headaches, and improve mood. The process of catalytic combustion cycles air through the electric heat chamber, which in turn filters and converts odorous airborne molecules into purified oxygen. Aroma lamps simultaneously emit aromatic scents that create an inviting ambiance to any home or office.

Stress can create a snowball effect of dangerous medical issues. Electric aroma lamps combat stress the natural way and increase health and overall wellbeing. Aromatherapy is a tried-and-true practice that uses essential oils extracted from plants to aid in physiological and psychological healing. Aroma Lamps & Oils has taken this age-old practice that offers numerous therapeutic benefits and combined it with exquisitely designed aroma lamps to create the perfect gift for family, friends, co-workers, and customers of any age.

Aroma lights are an incredibly unique and thoughtful gift because they provide recipients a powerful and natural means of relaxation, or depending on the scent, energy and invigoration. In addition, the numerous styles and scents make them a truly customizable gift as well. 

Giving the soothing power of aromatherapy has never been so affordable or accessible. A variety of styles and designs matched with incredibly low prices make shopping with Aroma Lamps & Oils easy and enjoyable. An aroma lamp can be enjoyed at home, in an office (where tension is common), or as a welcoming scent to customers in a business establishment. Aroma lamps are sure to brighten up the holiday season and rank top on 2012 gift wish lists.

Additional information about Aroma Lamps & Oils can be found at www.aromalamps.net, by following @AromaLamps on Twitter, or by calling 305-345-4410.