Ars MAG Puts Creatives on the Map Through Meaningful Collaboration

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2020 / There are thousands of creative individuals that aren't given the opportunities to reach their full potential due to a lack of resources and the right strategies to put their names out there. The Ars Media Arts Group, or Ars MAG for short, is a non-profit boutique agency that guarantees to help support creatives to achieve their much-deserved success through a variety of unique and innovative ways.

The agency is spearheaded by Torland Greene Jr, a 32-year-old Visual Artist, Designer, and Entrepreneur from Manassas, Virginia. Ars MAG breathes new life to the creative communities by working with brands and individuals and scaling them up in more ways than one. Greene's unique perspective on branding, marketing, and visual aesthetics paves the way for other creatives to find their success and stand above the rest.

As the Co-founder and Executive Director of Ars MAG, Greene identifies the resources that creatives need in order to develop marketing strategies, partnerships, study groups, and fundraisers to help them build a bigger audience. It's undeniable that there is a business-side to industries such as Arts, Fashion, and Design. Greene hopes to help creatives in that department so they can focus on honing their craft.

Ars MAG has its earliest roots in 2014 when it was founded by a couple of college artists at Shepherd University. The agency has strived to bring awareness to creative individuals in Washington, D.C. Metro Area, taking their efforts on the road and representing their creatives at large scale events in Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, and other cities.

Since its establishment, the agency has seen a lot of success and has greatly taken off over the years. As an organization that is determined to be at the forefront of the Arts industry, Ars MAG only provides the best resources for their creatives. They are leading a revolution in developing capabilities with the media by producing their own content and providing an avenue for creatives that are versed in all mediums and genres.

Ars MAG prides itself on the four objectives that have built the organization. These objectives have become a core part of their operations. They aim to Provide a Vision, Develop Awareness, Award Experience, and Capture the Uniqueness of their creatives. Throughout the organization's history, they have provided 500+ opportunities for visual artists, journalists, photographers, videographers, bloggers, musicians, and DJs.

The agency's services are known to be the best in the industry. They provide a top to bottom unique brand building service that teaches Entrepreneurs how to market, who to market, and where placement is most valuable. Ars MAG has worked with over 200 different brands, building small merchandise pop-ups with Macy's and scaling them all the way to 10,000+ guests at nationally promoted events such as SXSW or A3C.

All in all, Ars MAG has managed to expertly bridge the gap between mainstream platforms and emerging creatives through opportunities for collaboration. The agency has given creatives an avenue to receive sponsorships and build long-lasting business relationships within their respective industries. They are doing great work at Ars Media Arts Group, and they're looking to do even better as the years go by. They hope to inspire creatives to finally pursue their passions now more than ever. The time is now, and the time is Ars.

Company: Ars MAG
Phone Number: 7035828462


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