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Art-Tech Experiment Lets You Discover What It's Like to Be Another Gender

Rob Walker
Tech Columnist
Yahoo Tech

“The Machine To Be Another,” explains TheMachineToBeAnother.org, “is an Open Source Art investigation on the relation of Identity and Empathy that has been developed on a basis of low budget experiments of Embodiment and Virtual Body Extension.”

Translated from artspeak, this means two people wear Oculus Rift virtual-reality gaming headsets, and swap points of view.

Example: a “virtual gender swap” experiment. A male and a female agree on a set of movements, and “see” themselves performing them with the other person’s body. And just to make it more interesting for the rest of us, I suppose, they do so in their underwear.

Note: The video may not be safe for work, as it includes some nudity. On the other hand, it’s art!

More on Machine To Be Another experimentation here, and in the (totally safe for work) video below.

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