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Artificial Intelligence Company Webtunix Has Created Two AI Based Products for Health Care and the E-Commerce Industry

Called AIVaid and Piquant, the Two Innovative Products are Extremely User-Friendly

MOHALI, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / July 18, 2018 / The founders of Webtunix, one of the leading artificial intelligence companies in the industry, are pleased to announce that they have finished building two artificial intelligence (AI) based products: one for health care and for the e-commerce industry.

To learn more about Webtunix and the artificial intelligence services that they provide, please visit https://www.webtunix.com/.

As a company spokesperson noted, the team at Webtunix, which also offers data service consulting, business intelligence software, machine learning as a service and computer vision applications in addition to their work in AI, their new products are an E-Commerce visual search engine called Piquant and a Health Diagnostic System called AIVaid.

"Webtunix now offers the only Artificial and Business Intelligence Services to help grow the revenue of the e-commerce industry and decrease the high amount of effort and risks taken by humans in the medical industry," the spokesperson noted, adding that Piquant is an AI solution for the fashion industry that is not only the next logical innovation but also a real game changer.

One of the features of Piquant is Visual Search, which allows customers to search for products without using any words.

"This is like placing an image into the search bar and it creates a wonderful similar output in matter of seconds. This is a valuable experience for the buyer and seller, they don't need to bother for fashion, they just need click an image display the desired outcome," the spokesperson noted.

As for AIVaid, the spokesperson for the data science service companies said that in addition to being completely free, it allows people to receive a diagnosis without having to stand in a long queue or leave home.

"As we know, we all have hectic schedules and we don't have time for a regular diagnosis. Thus by using the AIVaid application, you can save your time and get your medical diagnosis at home without any cost," the spokesperson noted.

At AIVaid, if the patient seems to be in critical condition, they can book an appointment with their nearest doctor; AIVaid will also provide a list of recommended doctors, based on their specific disease.

"Patients can also do voice and video calls with doctors if they want any health consultations at their Home Place. Moreover, doctors can check their appointments, daily work schedule, attend calls, check their account transactions and upload patient reports with AIVaid," the spokesperson noted.

About Webtunix:

Webtunix is an Artificial Intelligence Consulting Company based in North India. The company, which was started in 2015, offers a number of services including Predictive analysis, E-commerce recommendation, Computer vision, Business intelligence software, data visualisation and analytics services. Along with that, they build Artificial Intelligence Based Products for Health care and E-commerce Industries. For more information, please visit https://www.webtunix.ai/.


Raman Arora

SOURCE: Webtunix