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Artist Uses Google Street View To Create A Mesmerizing Daily Photo Diary

Rob Walker
Tech Columnist
Yahoo Tech


Clever, tech-focused artists and designers have found countless ways to exploit Google’s various data troves — see the examples we’ve compiled earlier, here and here.

A new project from artist Daniel Schwarz is the latest eye-catching example, drawing on Google Street View data to build digital collages based on Schwarz’ daily walks, forming mesmerizing photos of everywhere he went, every day.  

For the project, which he calls geo-fragments, Schwarz wrote software that scrapes Google Street View imagery relating to personal geo-data that is tracked continuously through the OpenPaths app on his phone, and uses that imagery to create a daily collage, he explains via email. “Thus the nature of the data is my actual daily movement, but the outcome is highly abstracted, automated and without any curation or other subjective intervention.”

The resulting collages are strange, dream-like, and somewhat beautiful, like a screenshot of several movie stills fading into one another. 

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