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As dollar pushes to new highs, will the Fed halt its run?

Editor's Note: The following was written by Yahoo Finance Contributor Milanee Kapadia. You can follow her on Twitter @MilaneeKapadia

The Federal Reserve wrapped up its two-day meeting earlier today and traders bid the dollar up heavily, hitting a new 14-month high on the expectation that interest rates would be rising sooner rather than later. Even before today's move, the dollar index has logged its longest winning streak in more than 17 years, rising against a basket of currencies for nine straight weeks. At the same time, a stronger dollar has pushed down the value of commodities such as oil and gold.

But James Rickards, who is the author of The Death of Money doesn’t see the rally lasting much longer. He says the dollar will likely weaken against the Euro and Yen as the U.S. seeks to maintain a weak currency­­­ and keep exports strong. Rickards also says the Fed will do whatever is necessary to prevent deflation “because it destroys tax collections, increases the debt-to-GDP ratio and it takes down the banking system.” Those measures in his opinion include another round of quantitative easing. He’s betting on gold.

On the other side of the debate is Harry Dent, author of The Demographic Cliff. In the video attached here, he argues that the last time we had a financial crisis, which was 2008, the dollar accelerated while precious metals plunged. He thinks the downward trend for the Euro will continue until it comes to parity with the greenback. Dent sees deflation in the cards for the U.S.

In the attached video, watch a gold bug and a cash king debate the future of the dollar, and weigh in on who you think is right in the comments section below.

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