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The ATAC Rotation Fund and its Portfolio Manager Michael Gayed Joins Toroso Investments

NEW YORK, March 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Toroso Investments LLC (“Toroso”), a registered investment advisory firm (RIA) managed by ETF industry veterans specializing in ETF-focused research, announces that Michael A. Gayed, CFA, joined the firm February 1, 2020.

Mr. Gayed is the Portfolio Manager of the ATAC Rotation Fund (tickers: ATACX and ATCIX), which was launched in 2012 and is designed to be a tactical, “risk-on, risk-off” mutual fund that provides low correlation and defends in advance of market volatility. Mr. Gayed will continue as the Fund’s portfolio manager and the Fund’s strategy will not change. Fund investors of record as of February 20, 2020, are in the process of receiving a proxy requesting approval that Mr. Gayed remain the Fund’s lead portfolio manager in his new home at Toroso Investments.

Mr. Gayed is joining Toroso at a time when Toroso and the ATAC fund are both experiencing significant growth. As of Feb 29th, Toroso’s assets under management and assets under advisement are US$2.1 billion. For recent performance and important information on the Fund, please visit the website - https://atacfunds.com/

“We are excited to welcome Michael Gayed and the ATAC Rotation fund at a time when Toroso is experiencing high investor interest and rapid asset growth,” said Michael Venuto, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Toroso Investments. “His tactical and macro-economic skills are wonderful complements to the in-depth ETF research Toroso is known for providing to advisors and investors. We are excited to bring his resources to the advisors we serve in the ETFthinktank.com.”

Mr. Gayed was previously the Co-Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Strategist at Pension Partners, LLC, an investment advisor managing mutual funds and separate accounts. He is the co-author of four award-winning research papers on market anomalies and investing. He is an active contributor to MarketWatch and has been a regular commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business, as well as The Wall Street Journal Live for his unique approach to interpreting market movements. His analysis has also been featured by Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report. Michael earned his B.S. from New York University and is a CFA Charterholder.

“I am beyond thrilled to be bringing the ATAC Rotation Fund under the Toroso umbrella,” said Mr. Gayed. “This is an opportune time as it appears the market cycle may have turned to favor highly tactical strategies such as those I am known for developing and managing. With more asset growth opportunities and connections to the financial advisor community, I expect ATAC to grow meaningfully, benefitting shareholders over time.”

The ATAC Rotation Fund is designed to be an absolute return, tactical strategy. The fund seeks to rotate between equities or Treasuries based on leading indicators of stock market volatility. In offensive mode, ATAC can invest in U.S. large cap ETFs, U.S. small cap ETFs, or emerging market ETFs. In defensive mode, ATAC can invest in long duration bonds or short duration bonds. The indicators are evaluated on a weekly basis for potential rotations in the portfolio.

Mr. Gayed continued, “Working with Toroso to leverage my intellectual capital, social media exposure and connections in ways I simply couldn’t before provides an unprecedented opportunity for me. Toroso’s depth of experience, resources and strategic vision allows me to continue to focus on the Fund and expand into new areas of business development with their support.”

Toroso will be hosting a conference call with Michael Gayed and Michael Venuto on Thursday March 12th at 1 pm est to discuss the transition, answer questions and welcome the ATAC Rotation Fund to our family. To register please click here.

Toroso Investments is an innovative partnership between financial thought leaders in the ETF space that have developed a suite of solutions for financial advisors, ETF issuers and other players in the industry. Through our three core business units – consulting, asset management and wealth advisory – we help our clients grow, prosper and succeed. For more information, please visit http://torosoinv.com/


Michael A. Gayed, CFA

Mutual fund investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible. Because the Fund invests primarily in ETFs, it may invest a greater percentage of its assets in the securities of a single issuer and therefore is considered non-diversified. If a Fund invests a greater percentage of its assets in the securities of a single issuer, its value may decline to a greater degree than if the fund held were a more diversified mutual fund. The Fund is expected to have a high portfolio turnover ratio which has the potential to result in the realization by the Fund and distribution to shareholders of a greater amount of capital gains. This means that investors will be likely to have a higher tax liability. Because the Fund invests in Underlying ETFs an investor will indirectly bear the principal risks of the Underlying ETFs, including but not limited to, risks associated with investments in ETFs, large and smaller companies, real estate investment trusts, foreign securities, non-diversification, high yield bonds, fixed income investments, derivatives, leverage, short sales and commodities. The Fund will bear its share of the fees and expenses of the underlying funds. Shareholders will pay higher expenses than would be the case if making direct investments in the underlying funds.

The Fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information are described in the statutory or summary prospectus, which must be read and considered carefully before investing. You may download the statutory or summary prospectus or obtain a hard copy by calling 855-ATACFUND or visiting www.atacfund.com. Please read the Prospectuses carefully before you invest.

Correlation is a quantity measuring the degree to which two or more attributes or measurements show a tendency to vary together.

Duration is a measure of the sensitivity of the price (the value of principal) of a fixed-income investment to a change in interest rates.

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