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Atela Productions Launches Brand Narrative Service From Celebrated Media Branding Expert to Help CEOs and Entrepreneurs Standout With Purpose-Driven Stories

OAKTON, Va., Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Atela Productions Inc. recently unveiled its latest branding and public relations service entitled "The Spotlight-Ready Brand Narrative." Conceived and developed by award-winning journalist, best-selling author and TV producer Monica Davis, the signature program delivers an authentic, noticeable and compelling brand narrative in just 45 days. A complete, done-for-you program, the Brand Narrative includes seven comprehensive steps that are crucial to developing a story that helps businesses and personalities forge their own brand narrative.

Spotlight-Ready Brand Narrative: The Power of Story

"We know that storytelling is an important part of every business," said Monica Davis. "People don't remember numbers and statistics — they remember a story. So crafting an engaging narrative is extremely important, because it ultimately leads to increased conversions and sales. Storytelling appeals to people's emotions — it builds a connection long before you ever make a pitch or present an offer. And this is a much more authentic way to connect with a potential customer, because it displays that you value them as a person, rather than just a payday."

Research shows that likeability is a key driver behind consumer purchase decisions. Stories are memorable not only because of the emotional connection but also because they help businesses and personalities stand out in different ways. The program was developed to help business leaders and entrepreneurs identify and create the right type of story: one that enables them to connect with the right audience, at the right time. Not every business leader has time to develop and package their story in a way that connects with the various audiences they impact daily.

Effective marketing doesn't sell, but rather, informs and entertains. With over 20 years of media experience, Monica understands the power and impact of storytelling and how it can change the course of a business and the way it is perceived by others. Clients need their audience/customers to think of them whenever those customers need specific products or services. A brand narrative is the perfect way for customers to make that connection.

Spotlight-Ready Brand Narrative: Seven Steps to Popular Success

  1. Web Presence Analysis: The Brand Narrative delivers a detailed exploration and analysis of a client's current web presence.
  2. Discovery and Orientation Consultation: Explore an overview of all of the different threads that make up a client's story.
  3. In-depth Interviews: Interviews that capture the story being unearthed in the Brand Narrative process.
  4. Professionally Written, Designed and Delivered Brand Story
  5. Interview Transcripts Provided
  6. Professionally Edited Audio: Use the professionally edited audios provided to help develop soundbites for use in social media, featured news stories, etc.
  7. Implementation Consultation Session: A game plan for utilizing the Brand Narrative to its best effect. This includes generating more income and ROI, humanizing a brand, building relationships and a strong customer base, and shaping a solid media reputation.

Atela Productions is an award-winning company, having recently won five International Gold Hermes Awards for being one of the best conceivers, designers and implementers of branding, marking and communication strategies for clients. Atela Productions' future plans include a heavy focus on helping new and established CEOs, entrepreneurs and other business owners develop and share their brand narratives.

About Atela Productions

Established in 1998, Atela Productions is an award-winning media and publishing company specializing in magazine development coaching, media coaching and training, and development of influential brand narratives. Atela Productions is committed to empowering small businesses, entrepreneurs, and CEOs to reach more of their targeted market through media exposure and carefully communicated narratives that inspire action from their customers and prospects. With an unswerving commitment to integrity and authentic storytelling, Atela Productions elevates brands. Learn more at www.ExceptionalMediaCoaching.com.

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