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Atossa Genetics, Inc. Designated Expertise Partner to Cancer Genome Summit

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Dec 3, 2012) - Atossa Genetics, Inc. ( NASDAQ : ATOS ) announced today that it has been designated as the Expertise Partner to the 2nd Annual Cancer Genome Summit being held December 4-6, 2012 at the Revere Hotel Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Steven C. Quay, M.D., Ph.D., FCAP, chairman, CEO and president of Atossa Genetics, will present on Thursday, December 6th, 2012, during the morning session.

Dr. Quay's presentation will focus on breast cancer prevention through the diagnosis and treatment of the abnormal cells that are the precursors of cancer, so-called reversible hyperplastic intraductal lesions. His presentation will include:

  • How to obtain non-invasive breast biopsy samples routinely and repeatedly -- without the need for invasive biopsy needles or open surgical incisions;
  • How those cell samples can be used to look for signs of pathology, to examine the cells' genes for mutations, or to identify the patterns of gene expression and protein production;
  • Identifying the earliest genomic or proteomic changes that occur in the lesions of the breast that are the precursors of cancer, such as atypical ductal hyperplasia;
  • The use of breast specimens obtained non-invasively to discover biomarkers for stages in the development of cancer, for monitoring progress in clinical trials, and for selecting patients; and
  • Preventing cancer by treating the hyperplastic lesions within the breast ducts.

"Using Atossa Genetics' patented, FDA-cleared medical devices and our patented high-complexity laboratory developed tests to diagnose reversible, pre-cancerous breast changes and then treat them locally with intraductal therapy provides a platform that has the potential to realize our goal of preventing breast cancer," stated Dr. Steven Quay, MD, PhD, FCAP. "We look forward to identifying forward-looking pharma and biotech companies with novel treatment formulations to partner in this new paradigm for breast health, intraductal treatment of pre-cancerous lesions."

The Cancer Genome Summit is the only meeting that brings together thought leaders from pharmaceutical companies, academia and the clinic, to discuss harnessing the cancer genome to revolutionize drug development programs and patient treatment choices. The presentations will include the latest clinical data. Sharing these insights holds the key to understanding how genes cause cancer and how diagnostics and treatments can be improved. This year's meeting will show attendees how to identify new drug targets, combat resistance mechanisms, streamline clinical trials, and improve clinical management. More information about the meeting may be found at Cancer Genome Summit.

About Atossa Genetics, Inc.

Atossa Genetics, Inc. ( NASDAQ : ATOS ), The Breast Health Company™, is based in Seattle, WA, and is focused on preventing breast cancer through the commercialization of patented, FDA-cleared diagnostic medical devices and patented, laboratory developed tests (LDT) that can detect precursors to breast cancer up to eight years before mammography, and through research and development that will permit it to commercialize treatments for pre-cancerous lesions.

The National Reference Laboratory for Breast Health (NRLBH), a wholly owned subsidiary of Atossa Genetics, Inc., is a CLIA-certified high-complexity molecular diagnostic laboratory located in Seattle, WA, that provides the patented ForeCYTE Breast Health Test, a risk assessment test for women 18 to 73 years of age akin to the Pap Smear, and the ArgusCYTE Breast Health Test, a blood test for recurrence in breast cancer survivors that provides a "liquid biopsy" for circulating cancer cells and a tailored treatment plan for patients and their caregivers.

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