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The Attraction of COLMO Mantle Lava Refrigerator in IFA

(Photo: Business Wire)


IFA was successfully held in Berlin. COLMO Refrigerator held an international designer cross-border forum during the show and released the world's first mantle lava refrigerator. The panel is creatively made of rock which is derived from the perfect combination of natural beauty and home environment. It has become one of the highlights of many refrigerator brands participating in the exhibition with internationally renowned designers from Germany, China and Italy. The application of innovative materials has been highly affirmed in succession. Innovation is not only the innovation of materials, but also the innovation of design trends. COLMO refrigerator shows the design trend of returning to nature and simplifying complexity. It is not only the change of product appearance, but also the humanistic value of product transmission.

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The real meaning of innovation lies in serving people better, making it easier to use, making life more comfortable and making every design available to people. The newly released COLMO refrigerator is equipped with the intelligent fresh-keeping function of total food, making every food fresh, healthy and original.

What a surprise. During the meeting, representatives of the German Embassy and the German Agricultural Association were also invited as authoritative guests for the COLMO refrigerator. They had a live experience of the COLMO refrigerator and gave a high evaluation. The COLMO refrigerator mantle lava panel will become a popular design trend and a new product highly anticipated and influenced by high-end home appliance brands.

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