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Audi Bringing 700HP Hybrid Sport Quattro Concept to Frankfurt

Jeff Perez

When we first set eyes on the Audi Quattro concept back in 2010, it was considered by many a stunning modern interpretation of classic Audi rally cars of past. Unfortunately, it never made its way into production, but rather, sat as an unsettling reminder of what could be.

But Audi is back at it again, this time, with a Sport Quattro concept that some believe could find a snug fit into the current Audi lineup somewhere just above the R8. All 700 yellow raging horses of it.

audi-sport-quattro-concept (1)

Building on the original 408-hp concept, the current Quattro comes with 700 horsepower via a twin-turbocharged, hybrid V8– 560 horses coming from the V8 alone. All this power is paired to an eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission with power heading directly to all four wheels, of course.

0-60 mph is managed in just about 3.7 seconds and top speed sits handsomely at 190 mph. But don’t let all this power scare your green-thumbed sensibilities, the Quattro still manages to muster up an impressive 94 mpg.


You can see the Quattro live at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show when it takes to the stage later next week (September 10th).

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