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Audi unleashes e-tron FE04 Formula E electric racecar

Jeremy Korzeniewski

Audi is looking squarely to the future, and the future is electric. The four-ringed automaker canceled its long-running and highly successful long-distance Le Mans program in favor of the relatively recent, open-wheeled electric series Formula E. And this is the vehicle it will use to compete in the series.

The e-tron FE04 is a new vehicle, but doesn't exactly mark Audi's first participation in Formula E. The team had previously partnered with the ABT Schaeffler team. The e-tron is Audi's first full factory-supported effort, and it stands out with a brand-new motor and gearbox design that switches to a single forward ratio. A new carbon fiber housing holds the powertrain, which was co-developed with Schaeffler.

New livery that blends white, metallic green and black makes the FE04 stand out from last year's car, which was good enough to win the championship with Lucas di Grassi behind the wheel. The Brazilian driver remains with the team, and he'll be working with endurance racing legend and new team principal Allan McNish.

Audi is clearly pulling any remaining eggs from its diesel basket and lovingly placing them in the new, green, electric basket. The German automaker will begin an e-tron electrified product offensive starting next year, and promises to have more than 20 electrified models in its lineup before 2025. Not counting single-seat racers, we imagine.

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