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Audible launches on iPad and redesigns for iPhone

Laura Hazard Owen

The Amazon-owned digital audiobook subscription site Audible is launching its first iPad app and is also releasing a new version of its iPhone app that will allow for some downloading over cellular networks.

“More than 20 percent of Audible customers already use Audible’s iPhone app on the iPad,” Audible VP of Mobile Apps Ajay Arora said in a statement. The new iPad design is graphics-heavy, with a focus on audiobooks’ covers — it looks similar to the Kindle iPad app.

Audible’s iPhone app is getting a redesign to make it consistent with the iPad version, and it also gets a couple new features: Users can sign in with their existing Amazon accounts rather than creating a separate Audible account, and they can now download up to 50 MB of an audiobook — which the company says translates to about three hours of listening time — over cellular networks. Previously, downloading was limited to Wi-Fi.

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