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AudienceScience Launches Integrated Mobile Data and Media Solutions

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Oct 23, 2012) - Today, global digital marketing company AudienceScience® announced it has added exclusive mobile targeting capabilities to its Gateway platform. The new capabilities enable advertisers to reach mobile users by creating custom segments, which can be reached across devices.

The AudienceScience Gateway enables enterprise marketers to reach the same high quality segments across screens. Brands can access rich first-party mobile behavior data and integrate with owned, and third-party mobile data sources. This gives advertisers the ability to:

  • Target users based on custom mobile behaviors.
  • Deliver campaigns to mobile inventory in browser or in-app in both standard IAB ad sizes and custom mobile sizes.
  • Deliver to audience segments across devices, creating a consistent message for key mobile audiences.

The Online Publishers Association commissioned a study to determine the attitudes and behaviors of smartphone users. The study found that 68% of smartphone owners report that they "cannot live without" their mobile device, and 93% of smartphone users access content and information above any other activity, demonstrating that content consumption continues to dominate mobile usage.

With the AudienceScience Gateway solution, mobile can be easily integrated, measured and managed holistically across platforms, offering a consistent way to reach audiences regardless of which device the customer is using at a given time. Audiences are reached through RTB mobile display, mobile apps, mobile Web, RTB PC display and exclusive AudienceScience partner inventory.

"We're excited to offer our customers a unique way to leverage mobile advertising using our platform," said Mike Peralta, President of AudienceScience. "We have a trove of unique data points that are only available through the AudienceScience Gateway. According to the IAB, in 2010 mobile only accounted for 2.1 percent of Internet advertising -- this number is expected to rise to 15.2 percent by 2016. We are offering advertisers a powerful way to target customers across devices and channels."

Mobile targeting is already being successfully used by AudienceScience clients with more signing on daily. To learn more about the AudienceScience Gateway, please visit http://www.AudienceScience.com

About AudienceScience:
AudienceScience is a global digital marketing technology company enabling universal access to audiences through the AudienceScience Gateway. The AudienceScience Gateway is a proprietary audience delivery platform that unleashes the power of data making it simple to create, understand and engage relevant audiences. By leveraging industry leading technology, superior service and unique data assets, AudienceScience drives digital marketing success for advertisers, agencies, publishers and technology partners. Since 2003, AudienceScience has powered over 300,000 successfully targeted campaigns worldwide. For more information, please visit http://www.AudienceScience.com and follow AudienceScience on Twitter.